Arizona Water Awareness


Activities - Events - Programs: Follow these tips to help you learn about and participate in activities, workshops, classes, events and programs related to water and water conservation.

Appliances - Fixtures - Equipment: Follows these tips to help you learn about and select water-efficient plumbing fixtures, appliances, irrigation systems, swimming pools and more.

Irrigation and Plant Watering: Follow these tips to help you learn how to best take care of your plants by watering correctly and and installing efficient irrigation systems.

Plants and Landscape Design: Follow these tips to help you learn about the hundreds of beautiful, low-water use plants available, and how to create a landscape that meets your needs.

Supply - Environment - Quality: Follow these tips to find out where your water comes from and learn more about water quality, the water/energy nexus, riparian areas and drought in our state.

Water Basics: Follow these tips to learn about your water footprint and what you can do to use water more efficiently.

  • Turn off your automatic watering systems when it rains or install a rain sensor to do this automatically.
  • Make a pledge to conserve water during Water Awareness Month (and every month of the year).
  • Collect water from your roof by installing gutters and downspouts, and keep them free of debris.
  • If you don't want to DIY, work with a landscape professional that is experienced with both your regions' irrigation needs and with smart controllers.
  • If you own a well, do not use or store pesticides, fertilizers, hazardous or toxic chemicals near it, and direct storm water run-off away from it.