Arizona Water Awareness

Tips for Activities and Programs

  • Click on the "Events" tab above or "View all Events" to find out about all the classes and workshops offered this month.
  • "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
    At Home
  • Contact your local water company to find out about free conservation resources, toilet leak detection kits, and other do-it-yourself home audits that can help you use water more efficiently and save money.
  • Involve your children in conservation by letting them catch rain water in a bucket and then have them water the plants.
  • Make sure to update your apps often to get the newest conservation information and the safest app version.
  • Get educated about saving water the smart way. Check out the resources tab on water-related apps for your smart e-devices.
  • Kids use apps too! Look for kid-specific apps to get your kids pumped about water conservation!
  • Apps can calculate water usage, be educational, and can even be fun- be sure to check out all that conservation apps have to offer.
    In Your Community
  • Click on the Events tab to find conservation workshops and activities taught by experts in your area.
  • Invite a friend to attend a class with you and be a role model to your neighbors. It's a fact that people are more likely to enroll in conservation programs if their neighbors do.
  • Take a walk through the park or forest, or row a boat - help children develop an appreciation for their place within nature.
  • Check with your local water company, cooperative extension office, botanical garden or community college for water-related workshops and activities.
  • Volunteer to help monitor, teach about and protect your watershed.
    At School
  • Contact your local water provider to find out if they have water education resources or activities for your classroom.
  • Check the resources page for educational opportunities offered by Arizona Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) and other Arizona organizations, agencies and groups.
  • Volunteer to teach children about water conservation at an Arizona Project WET Water Festival.
  • Start a water conservation campaign at your school; have students write content for the school's newsletter, website, and social media tools, produce videos, and create posters!
  • Include water education in your school's STEM efforts by conducting a school-wide water audit.