Arizona Water Awareness

Tips for Water Basics

  • Calculate your family's water use by checking your water meter or using your water bill to determine how many gallons are being used.
  • Encourage children to discard things in the trash, not the toilet!
  • Set a goal to reduce your family's indoor and outdoor water use - a good target is to use less than 100 gallons per person per day.
  • Lead in practicing a water-wise lifestyle and your friends and family are likely to be influenced to do the same.
  • Click on the resources tab for water calculators, apps, and more tips!
  • Reduce showering time to save both water and energy. A 10 minute shower uses approximately 50 gallons of hot water. Shoot for a 5 minute shower.
  • Wash full loads of clothes and use more cold water to save both water and energy. Heating water uses a large amount of energy.
  • Water and energy are interconnected: It takes energy to transport and treat water, so by conserving water you are also conserving energy! Water is used to generate electricity, so by conserving energy you are also conserving water!
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