Arizona Water Awareness

Tips for Supply - Environment - Quality

  • It takes energy to transport and treat water, so by conserving water you are also conserving energy!
  • Water is used in the plants that generate electricity, so by conserving energy you are also conserving water!
    Water Quality
  • Take used motor oil to an oil recycling center - never put it in the trash or pour it down storm drains.
  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks instead of hosing them down to reduce your water use as well as prevent debris and residue from washing into storm drains.
  • Don't wash cars on driveways or in the street. Wash your car at a car wash that filters the wastewater!
  • Dispose of medicines and household chemicals properly so they don't end up in the drinking water supply. Ask your local pharmacy about pharmaceutical take-back programs.
  • Dispose of trash and pet waste properly so they aren't washed into storm drains where they may pollute washes and streams, and groundwater.
  • Use herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers sparingly. Use organic and more environmentally friendly products when possible.
  • Contact your water company to request a copy of the annual water quality report (also known as a consumer confidence report) and find out how frequently your drinking water is tested.
  • Join or start a group that will label storm drains with anti-dumping messages.
    Protecting the Environment
  • Support the use of reclaimed water (treated wastewater) for landscape irrigation (like golf courses) and to recharge your aquifer.
  • Demonstrate good earth-friendly habits by showing responsible water and energy use.
  • Teach children how to help our planet survive by explaining the importance of conservation, using reusable products, recycling and picking up litter.
  • To protect your home from wildfires (which are more common during drought), make sure that plants near the house are more widely-spaced and lower-growing than those farther away.
  • Reduce your water use to help meet future needs. The result? cost savings, decreased energy use, and environmental preservation.
  • Give trees a higher watering priority than other plants during drought. Trees are more difficult and costly to remove and replace.
  • Learn about your region's drought status by checking monthly updates on Arizona's short-term drought status.
  • During drought, reduce discretionary outdoor water uses, such as car washing or refilling pools and ornamental water features.